Godfree Mlambo, PhD

Facility Manager

I joined the Parasite Core Parasite Facility in November 2009 after 4 years of Post doctoral research in Dr Nirbhay Kumar’s lab, Department of Molecular Microbiology and Immunology, JHBSPH. My research focused on developing transgenic Plasmodium berghei parasites expressing P. falciparum (human malaria) antigens that can be used in in vivo mouse models for understanding transmission blocking immunity. My PhD research involved examining specimens collected from patients in different malaria endemic areas of Zimbabwe to understand development of immunity, parasite genetic diversity and prevalence of molecular markers for drug resistance.

Current Responsibilities and Research:
My duties currently involve managing the Parasitological Core Facility at JHMIR. I am involved in generating sporozoites (in mosquitoes) of human and mouse malaria parasites. In addition to providing these services to the parasite core facility, my current research is focused on developing efficient tools for silencing and/or knocking down genes in Plasmodium in order to understand molecular interaction of the parasite in the mosquito host.


Phone: 410 614 4737
email: gmlambo@jhsph.edu

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