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In order to place orders for Parasitology Core Facility services the users must first register and provide relevant information for contact and billing. To register and order services click HERE. Look for the Parasitology Core Facility link in the MMI or Malaria Institute folders.

Once you have entered the website click on the "Parasitology Core Facility" link. Click on "Registration Page" to register. Once your registration has been approved you can start ordering services. 

To order a service you should first log into the system. You can either use the default budget or add a new budget for charging through the "Add Budget" link. To place an order click on the "Add Order" link under the "Order" menu. Fill out the electronic form. Please make sure that the date for culture or sporozoite delivery provides adequate time for preparation/production (see relevant pages). You can also view your current orders from the "Current Order" link. If you want to see if someone is willing to share a culture with you go to the "Orders Willing To Share" link.

To obtain P. falciparum samples or RBCs from the Parasitology Core Facility you must first complete This Form in order to comply with IRB approval. The completed and signed form should be returned to:

Theresa A. Shapiro MD, PhD
Johns Hopkins School of Medicine
303 Hunterian Building
725 North Wolfe Street
Baltimore, MD 21205-2186

Please remember to acknowledge NIH's support for RBC supply as outlined on the form.


Parasitology Core Facility Staff
Dr. George Dimopoulos: Facility Oversight
Dr. Godfree Mlambo: Facility Manager
Dr. Abhai Tripathi: Facility Manager

Room W4212
Johns Hopkins School of Public Health
615 N. Wolfe Street
Baltimore, MD 21205

We strive to provide high quality services, and appreciate your feedback. Thank you!
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