Abhai Tripathi, PhD

Facility Manager

I joined parasite core facility in March of 2010 as research associate to help manage Plasmodium falciparum asexual and gametocyte cultivation in vitro. Before joining parasitology core I was postdoctoral fellow in Sullivan lab, where the focus of my studies was cerebral malaria pathogenesis. In collaboration with Dr Monique Stins we developed an in vitro model of human blood brain barrier and demonstrated the central role of NF-kB in microvascular inflammation in response to parasite sequestration. Besides working on CM pathogenesis I have been involved in various research areas of Sullivan lab including anti malarial drug development, iron metabolism, hemozoin biocrystallization pathway, role of autophagy in antimalarial mode of action, development of mouse anemia model etc. I completed my doctorate from Central Drug Research Institute, India. Focus of my PhD studies was on the molecular characterization of heme biocrystallization pathway of malaria parasite, which is very unique and one of the most important chemotherapeutic target.

Current Responsibilities and Research Interests:
As core facility manager my responsibility is to maintain sexual and asexual cultures of Plasmodium falciparum for JHMRI researchers. I will also be lending my assistance to JHMRI insectary facility to expand the production of mosquitoes. Besides providing services to JHMRI researchers, we will be involved in original research to develop new tools and reagents for malaria community worldwide. We are also planning to develop new curriculum to provide training courses in experimental parasitology.


Phone: Work: 410-614-1562, Cell: 410-926-6327
email: atripath@jhsph.edu

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